Promotional products have always had a stigma to them

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Receiving a gift is one of those times that you truly feel special. You can hardly wait to rip open the wrapping and uncover the treasure inside. Sometimes we are overwhelmed by the gift and other times, somewhat underwhelmed depending on what you were expecting. One thing that stays constant however is the presentation of the gift in the first place. True Religion Jeans If it was wrapped you knew someone took the time to conceal the item and add some fun to the festivity, if unwrapped, there is a slight hesitancy of what could be inside. Unless, for women that unwrapped box is a “Robin’s Egg Blue” with a small white ribbon. For the uninformed men out there this is the distinctive packaging from Tiffany’s. Think presentation means something now? Buy an empty Tiffany’s box online and place something other than Tiffany jewelry in there and see what happens…

Like Tiffany’s, many upscale department stores use a similar approach by utilizing much heavier wrapping paper and their own designer boxes. Tiffany Necklaces UK Jewelry comes in crushed velvet boxes for a reason, who wants to receive a ring or bracelet in a plastic bag? If you think about it, you can remember the last time you received a gift wrapped in heavier paper or presented to you in a unique fashion? You expected more and usually were rewarded for those expectations. All of these examples lead back to our title – Many Times it’s the Presentation that Makes the Sale.

Presentation is probably one of the most over looked facets in the marketing world. When it comes to delivering the product a lot of work goes into the packaging: design, color, shape, functionality, etc. This is great for when the product is sold but what about the initial contact with the prospect, many times weeks or months before the product is even ready for sale? What about the beginning of the overall sales cycle when you are introducing your company as a viable source for your prospect to turn to for their needs? Brochures, folders, web content and white pages provide much needed information but what impact do they make on the recipient, no matter how carefully they are prepared or colorful to the eye. In the recipients mind these are only words chosen to represent your product or service, nothing memorable to take away.

Right now you are probably asking “if the packaging the product comes in and the brochures and web information are not part of the presentation – what is?” To get to that let’s look at what is pretty common knowledge when it comes to first time meetings. Tiffany Earrings UK They say that the average person gathers their first impression about someone in the first three to ten seconds that they meet. How much can the average person read in three to ten seconds? Sure they see the colors and design but they get things like this everyday in the mail that they never read. How can you really pull them in?

Promotional products have always had a stigma to them, often called “Chotchkies, Trinkets & Trash and just plain Giveaways” and in the context that most businesses use them these titles are rightly earned. Tiffany Key Rings However, if used correctly and given in a manner that they should be used, many of these items can become the key to anchoring your name and that of your product and service to the minds of your prospects and clients.

Just to give a product away with your company name on it means little to the recipient, those that see the product in use will see your company name but gather little information, if any, beyond that.

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