Even you will hardly focus on the spirit

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Television is perhaps the main tool of most people for recreation. But will you think about some issues when you watch the world on TV? For example, you should pay attention to the health problems caused by watching TV.

You may always hold remote control and change it from the first channel to the last one when lounging on the sofa. True Religion UK Though it sounds boring, it is the true portrayal of amateur life for many people.

Television not only consumes our time, but also does harm to our health. A recent study from Australia found that it greatly increase the possibility of diseases for those who sit in front of television for too long. Meanwhile, it will shorten the life span by several years.

Americans describe those who get used to eating snacks while watching TV as potatoes planted on the sofa. Tiffany Beads Bracelets This life style not only leads to gain weight, but also make people prone to high blood pressure and arthritis. In fact, the risks caused by watching TV are much more than that.

First, it will shorten your life. An Australian study found that to spend one hour in front of the television may increase the risk of dying from cancer by 9% and the risk of death from cardiovascular disease by 18%.

Researchers conducted a follow-up survey on 8,800 adults who have the habit of watching TV for six years, and found that those who watch TV for four hours a day suffer from a higher risk of dying from heart disease than those who watch TV for two hours a day by 80%. In addition, research has also shown that it will increase the risk of the diabetes if watching TV for a long time.

Second, it will decrease your happiness. Some people rely on TV to kill time, Tiffany Rings Sale some people are too addicted to television to neglect their family and friends, endangering relationships. And others watch TV in order to avoid a bad mood or release emotions when they are afraid to face problems. However, the problem still trouble you when you turn off TV and you are more likely to feel bored, dissatisfied, angry or fatigued. Even you will hardly focus on the spirit. A survey conducted by scientists from University of Maryland pointed out that people who watch TV for too long feel less happy, Tiffany Bracelets UK while those take part in social activities feel more happy. Swiss scientists have found that people who watch TV for less than one and a half hours every day have higher satisfaction than others.

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