Study has shown that to eat nuts often can reduce the chance of suffering from diabetes

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There are many advantages of eating nuts. Here are I list the top five advantages of nuts.

1. Do good to brain

Brain cell is composed of 60% of unsaturated fatty acid and 35% of protein while nuts always contain abundant unsaturated fatty acid and protein. True Religion Jeans Unsaturated fatty acid is indispensable in the growth of brain. Also, nuts contain a certain amount of amino acid which is the main constituent of cranial nerve cells.

2. Do good to heart

Study has shown that to eat nuts often can reduce the possibility of suffering from heart disease. A study on the nuts intake amount and heart condition of 2100 men showed that to have nuts twice a week, once for 28 micrograms can reduce the possibility of suffering from heart disease by 47%. Some doctors pointed out that nuts contain a large amount of unsaturated fat, magnesium and vitamin E, all of which play a vital role in preventing heart disease. Tiffany Necklaces UK They all suggested taking in healthy food that contains unsaturated fatty acid instead of that contains a lot of fat.

3. Eliminate free radicals

Free radicals are so active that they can react with the cell tissues and DNA in human body, which will produce toxin and do harm to human body. Study has shown that some nut food such as polly seeds are as effective as strawberry and spinach in eliminating free radicals.

4. Protect people from diabetes

Study has shown that to eat nuts often can reduce the chance of suffering from diabetes. Tiffany Earrings UK Experts hold the view that the unsaturated fatty acid and other nutrients contained in nuts is beneficial to improve the balance between blood sugar and insulin.

5. Regulate blood fat

A study conducted by some professors has shown that people who often take in almond all experience the decrease in the level of serum total cholesterol and apolipoprotein B and the increase in apolipoprotein A1. Tiffany Key Rings This study showed that almond that contains abundant unsaturated fatty acid is very effective in the regulation of blood fat and apoliprotein.

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