Petra was surrounded by big rocks and never-ending streams

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There are many lost ancient cities in the world. Some of them are really amazing. Now I will introduce several of them to you.

Petra is located on the slope of Mount Hor, Jordan.  True Religion UK Petra is famous for its stone sculpture on the rocks. This historical site was found by a Switzerland explorer in 1812 and opened to the public. It was once described as a rosy city with long history in a sonnet written by John William Burgon – a winner of Newdigate prize. Actually, Burgon had never been to Petra. He once worked as a tour guide and protected European people to visit there.

This site was listed as a world heritage by UNESCO in 1985 when it was described as one of the most precious possession of human cultural heritage.

Petra was surrounded by big rocks and never-ending streams. It was once a military fortress. During the reign of Roman Empire, Tiffany Beads Bracelets Petra went down quickly mainly because the marine trade route had been changed. In 363, an earthquake destroyed architecture and the water resources operation system people lived with. Petra aroused people’s curiosity in middle ages.

In the ancient times, Palmyra was an important city in the middle of Syria. This is the only way which must be passed if travellers want to cross Syria dessert. It was once called Tadmor, which is recorded on a Babylonia stone plate found in Mari. Although this city fell out of use since 16th century, people still remember Tadmor. A new habitat near the historical sites owns the same name.

Palmyra is a rich and elegant city in middle ages. Tiffany Rings Sale It was located along the trade route and under the control of Roman Empire. After those splendid days, the Arabian citizens in Palmyra followed the customs and clothing of Iran in the east and Greek and Rome in the west.

As recorded in Hebrew Bible, Tadmor was built by Bathsheba of Judea – son of David. During the reign of Tiberius, Tiffany Bracelets UK Palmyra became a part of Roman province of Syria. As an important trade route, Palmyra plays a more and more important role in connecting Persia, India, China and Roman Empire. In 634, the first group of Muslim came to Palmyra. In 636, this city was occupied by Muslim Arabians. After 800 A.D, people began to abandon this ancient city.


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